ShipIt | Parcel Delivery UK


SHIPIT provides affordable door to door courier services to anywhere in the UK. We are aware of how expensive courier services can be, for this reason SHIPIT offers you the most cost-effective service no matter if the destination is a small town in UK, we will deliver your items quickly and efficiently from door to door.

Need to send a parcel ? all you need to is to pack your box accurately, book online and your package will be collected and ship to your destination safely and on time with our best courier partners.

Our prices are based on both size and weight of each parcel, so it’s important you enter accurate details.We can only collect package which are measured accurately.


Each parcel should  be within the following dimension limits:
(length plus two times width plus two times height should be less than 300 cm or 3 m all together). The length measurement should be the longest side of the package.
Max-Parcel Weight -30 KG
Max- Parcel Length -100 cm,
Max -Parcel Girth -300 cm
Girth=Length +(Width ×2) +(Height ×2)

We can collect in any part of Nigeria and deliver door to door to any part of the UK in 3-5 days. And of course we can collect anywhere in the UK and deliver to anywhere in Nigeria in 3-5 days. (This service covers all of the British Isles except offshore islands and parts of  the Scottish Highlands.)
Collections and delivery are done Monday – Friday. between 9am-6pm( excluding Bank Holidays)

We offer a 5-7 day door to door delivery service at lower rates. This enables us to prioritise the premium delivery service when shipping space is at a premium and 5-7days shipments can be done by meeting up all service obligations.
Collections and delivery are done Monday – Friday. between 9am-6pm.( excluding Bank Holidays)

Labels will be generated as part of our booking process prior to parcel collection and send to your email,you will print off the labels and affix one label to each package.


International delivery is not the same as sending parcel within Nigeria. Additional paperwork are required if parcel is going outside Nigeria. You will need to complete a customs declaration form called customs invoice. The customs invoice show authorities in the destination country the contents of your package and why you are sending it.
SHIPIT  will generate the custom invoice for You, you will print off the invoice and affix one to each parcel before collection. If you are new at using international delivery services? Do not worry if you are not sure of how to fill out Customs invoices, just contact our friendly Support team, you will instantly get additional information on how to fill out documents correctly in order to avoid delay by Customs.

With SHIPIT you can track every parcel from door to door to the final package delivery point. To use our tracking,simply enter your shipment reference number into our tracking page to see the status of your shipment.

All shipments come with FREE #5,000 standard protection cover.